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Sabtu, 24 November 2007


Dear All,
We are attending to a project and looking for professional,
ambitious, and highly motivated to join our team in successful
project for the position as:

1. Developer PHP
2. Developer JAVA

•Experience developing PHP, JAVA, LINUX and MySQL min 2+ year.
•Knowledge the application of PHP and JAVA very well should be
•Proficient in experienced and efficient coder of PHP and JAVA
•Knowledge in HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Server, MySQL very
•Familiar in open source project is a plus.
•Experience Object Oriented PHP and JAVA Programming
•Understanding web based application.
•Able to demonstrate programming projects is definitely a plus.
•Can develop/administrate a website from scratch/raw design into
well-developed website.
•Well-experienced in server-side programming.
•Good understanding of web standards and web accessibility
•Can keep up with the advance of web technologies.
•Communicative and have strong organizational, analytical, and
problem-solving skills.
•Well documented, can communicate ideas and solutions easily.
•Can work under pressure among deadlines and collaborate with other
team mates to achieve the clearest, fastest and easiest way to get
the work well-done.
•Posses good management skill and communicative.

The available position is contract based (min 3 months). Interest
candidates should email their detail resumes together with scanned
photo, references, contact number and currently and expected salary
detail to:


With the subject : "Developer # <your name>". The attachment include
your portofolio projects.
Please the attachments max 500 kb should be format DOC in a ZIP
file. Only short listed candidates will be notified by email, please
check your email regularly.

PS : please do not resend to me, I am just messanger. tx

Website materi belajar umum: http://www.komputer-teknologi.net/
Diskusi melalui web: http://forum.komputer-teknologi.net
Materi belajar SAP ABAP http://belajar-abap.blogspot.com

SEBELUM kirim email ke mailing list ini, pastikan bahwa anda

1. INGAT etiket umum dan topik diskusi milist ini
2. PAHAM isi email untuk konsumsi umum, bukan perseorangan
3. GANTI subject email jika ganti topik
5. TAHU      Quota Max : 2 email/orang/hari untuk topik sama kecuali moderator.
6. Hanya moderator yang boleh mengirimkan attachment.

Terlalu banyak email?

Kirimkan 1 email kosong ke :
Komputer-teknologi-digest@yahoogroups.com <-- 1 email rangkuman saja perhari.
Komputer-teknologi-nomail@yahoogroups.com <-- Libur panjang/cuti lebaran ==> no email dan cek lewat web.

Komputer-teknologi-normal@yahoogroups.com <-- kembali ke pengiriman email normal
Komputer-teknologi-owner@yahoogroups.com <--- alamat moderator
Komputer-teknologi-subscribe@yahoogroups.com <--- jika ingin berlangganan

Milis lainnya:
Penulis-Kom-Tek-subscribe@yahoogroups.com => majalah kom tek
Indo-Job-subscribe@yahoogroups.com =>  milis lowongan kerja
Bisnis-Karir-subscribe@yahoogroups.com => Pengembangan karir dan bisnis
Free-English-Course-subscribe@yahoogroups.com => Belajar bahasa Inggris

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