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Kamis, 19 Juli 2007

Freedom For All

We are often told "Colonialism is dead". Let us not be deceived or even soothed by that. I say to you, colonialism is not yet dead. How can we say it is dead, so long as vast areas of Asia and Africa are un-free. And I beg of you do not think of colonialism only in the classic form which we of Indonesia, and our brothers in different parts of Asia and Africa knew, colonialism has also its modern dress, in the form of economic control, intellectual control, actual physical control a small, but alien-community within a nation. It is a skillfull and determined enemy, and it appears in many guises. It does not give up its loot easily, wherever, whenever and however-it-appears, colonialism is an evil thing, and one must be eradicated from the earth.

Soekarno, Pidato Konperensi Asia Africa di Bandung I8-4-´55

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